About Us

A little bit about us...
Beautiful Beanbags Ltd is a family business situated on a small industrial estate just outside the village of Cheddar in Somerset. This beautiful part of the country is famous for its cheese, cider and now Beanbags

The team...
Jill is the boss, Pete sometimes thinks he is but soon gets put in his place!
Jill runs the manufacturing side of things and has a very dedicated and extremely experienced team who between them have worked on just about every type of fabric and industrial machinery possible.
Peter looks after the administrative side of the business and seems to have a constant battle with the staff over their choice of radio station (it`s an age thing!)

Our family...
We have 2 children 2 dogs and a PIG!. Our 12 year old daughter Adrianne sometimes puts the pullers on the zips at weekends in exchange for downloading music from i-tunes. Our 10 yr old son Jack is autistic so he can`t help much in the factory but he still loves to visit the factory and draw on the boxes, so if you box turns up with a little doodle on it you are very privileged.

Our Beanbags...
We only make beanbags and we only sell direct to you.
We turn away wholesale enquiries every week so that we can concentrate on what we know and that is supplying you with the very best, most comfortable contemporary bean bags available on the net.
There are strict regulations covering the manufacture of home furnishings, every beanbag that leaves our factory fully complies and even exceeds all current fire and safety regulations.

Our faux leather, faux suede and 100% cotton drill fabrics are superb,
We won`t compromise on quality for the sake of saving a few pence, we have been with the same suppliers from day one and they know how high our standards are.

You can be assured that any product you buy from us is the very best available and if you want to add to it in a couple of years time, we will still be here and so will your fabric because you can`t better the best!

and finally...
Thanks for taking the time to read a little bit about us
If we can help any further, answer a question, send you a swatch etc, please drop us a line or phone us during office hours on 01934 733522.

Our doors are always open, if you want to collect your bean bag, see it being made or are passing through on your holidays and just want to pop in for a nosey you are welcome, just remember to bring the biscuits!

Best wishes
Jill, Pete
and all at Beautiful Beanbags Ltd.